KSK EloCoat® technology generates a glossy look on anodised components

Aluminium has established itself as a lightweight, dimensionally stable material for decorative add-ons throughout the entire automotive industry. Anodised aluminium parts provide permanent corrosion resistance and maximum scratch-proofing. Our KSK EloCoat® technology sees us combine these anodic properties with the colouring and weather-resistance of paint for the first time. KSK EloCoat® is also low-cost and reliable.

Protecting. Refining. Adding character.

For more than 25 years, a vehicle component’s paintwork has meant much more to KSK than the technically perfect application of a coating. The KSK specialisation areas of component pre-treating, painting, assembling and logistics are impeccably tailored to the needs of the international automotive industry, using experienced industrial painters, who also develop customised products and specialised solutions in small series, as well as tried-and-tested robot technology, which guarantees efficiency in mass production. Our customers include the major global players of the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, along with their prominent suppliers.

Anodised aluminium add-ons have many advantages: they are lightweight, dimensionally stable, scratch-proof and permanently corrosion-resistant.
Anodic coatings previously prevented solid bonding with paint.
Now, the KSK EloCoat® technology combines anodisation and paint to create glossy surfaces with optimum properties.


Aluminium continues to be the material of preference in automotive engineering. This lightweight, extremely stable and easily processed metal is not only used in bodywork, but also in many add-ons, such as covers and trim strips. Anodisation enhances its positive properties.

The aforementioned benefits of anodised aluminium are particularly useful when it comes to coloured or black components. Although the anodic coating can be dyed directly, the resulting surface still fades over time due to weathering. A protective, weather-resistant paint was necessary, since the anodic coating prevented solid bonding with the paint.


The KSK solution

KSK EloCoat® starts by treating anodized parts in a six-stage, wet-chemical immersion process. Systematically preparing the anodic coating for subsequent wet painting enables adhesion between this coating and the paint, without limited any desired properties on either.
The specially prepared components are then painted with tried-and-tested paints and in the usual high KSK quality.
The result: A glossy surface with unique properties.


The KSK EloCoat® technology achieves a glossy finish, outstanding corrosion resistance, and can even be used to subsequently refine components not capable of being processed in the purely anodised version due to defects, giving them a high-gloss black finish ready for fitting. This reduces your waste, and noticeably generates added value.

Our goal

We create added value for you, occupy technological niches with our own skills, and offer you high-quality manufacturing with maximum flexibility for all substrata. We’re your flexible experts in coating.


More details on the KSK EloCoat® technology can be found in our downloadable case study EloCoat_CaseStudy